If you are studying in London and looking to rent for at least 6 months, we can help you find a home.

I am an international student, can you help me?

If you are not in London in time to do viewings, you have two options. You can:

  • send a friend along with your Homie to view the properties for you.
  • let your Homie send you videos of the homes you are interested in seeing and have a place ready when you arrive.

We service private accommodation

We cannot help you find a studio or room in shared student accommodation. If that's what you are looking for, you should do it via the accommodation office at your university.

What we can help you find:

  • A studio starting at £1400 per month (pcm)
  • A one-bed flat starting at £1500 pm

Or if you and your friends want to move together:

  • A two beds flat starting at £1700 pm
  • A three beds flat starting at £2600 pm
  • A four beds flat starting at £3500 pm

Sharing a flat with friends is cheaper per person and can also save you money in terms of rent and bills!

NOTE: Check with your university if they offer you student housing if you are a 1st year student! These houses are usually relatively close to your campus and guarantee you to be close to other students from your University, which might be a great way to make new friends.

Where should I live?

Living close to university might be convenient but also quite expensive, as they are very sought after areas.

If you need help deciding what would be the best places to live, we can help you narrow down which area is better for you.

When should I to start looking?

We wrote a whole article on the subject, check it out here:

When to start looking for a flat

What documents do I need to rent?

We wrote a whole article on the subject, check it out here:

Documentation needed

Got any more questions? Let us know on the chat!

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