No free time? No problem with Homie

Going on viewings might not fit your particular case, for example:

  • There's work or university to attend
  • You are not in the country yet
  • You are on holiday outside London
  • You are not free for any other reason

We strongly recommend that you don't rent anything you haven't viewed beforehand, because getting out of a tenancy contract isn't easy! 

That's why we have this amazing service:

Remote video tours sent to your phone

Whatever the reason why you are unable to come on a tour with us and view the properties in person, your Homie can do a virtual tour for you.

They will:

  • Attend the viewings for you
  • Take pictures and videos of the interiors and exteriors
  • Send them over to you for review
  • Give their advice on the things that matter the most to you

Friends coming on a tour on your behalf

If you have a friend/family member whom you trust to see properties for you - we're happy to take them on a tour!

Simply let us know their name and phone number and we'll organise the tour on their schedule.

P.S. We can also still video the properties.

Got any more questions? Ask us in the chat.

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