Minimum budgets based on experience

Homie is a home-finding service, we do not set the prices ourselves. We simply show you what is available on the market.

In our experience, when we look below the minimum budgets:

  • The homes tend to be of low standard
  • They may be fake listings, created to generate interest
  • The few good quality ones at those prices get let very quickly - sometimes on the day they are posted.

I can't afford a higher rent, how do I get a flat?

Since homes for a lower budget are so high in demand, you need to be diligent and jump on them as soon as they come on the market

  • Set alerts on all of the biggest property portals
  • Once you get an alert, call the agent immediately to arrange a viewing
  • Make your decision quickly and pay the holding deposit as soon as you are sure you want the home

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