I wan to view some properties, how do I book a tour?

Once you have selected all the homes you are interested in seeing, you can click on the tours page on the top.

  • Go to the tour page
  • Review your properties and make any changes you want
  • Click on Schedule a Tour
  • Select a date and time for you tour
  • Pay the one off fee of £49

What happens next?

Once your tour slot is booked with your Homie, they will get on the phone with all the different estate agents asap. While your Homie is doing this, your tour will be marked as 'pending'.

Once they confirm all properties you will receive an email with:

  • Address where to meet your Homie at
  • A link to view all the properties booked in tour

NOTE: If you have lost any emails, you can find all the necessary information on your profile under tours.

I can't schedule a tour because its icon is locked

If this message shows up, it means you have not yet spoken to a member of our team to confirm your criteria and your right to rent.

Why do I need to have a phone call first?

We need to know if you have the right documents to pass referencing. 

We can only work with estate agents if we find them tenants that have the right to rent and are ready to move. This special relationship comes with a lot of perks for you:

  • It gives you access to exclusive stock you can't find elsewhere
  • Your bookings and viewings are swift and reliable. 

When you sign up, you should receive a phone call from a member of our team. If you have missed this call, just simply let us know when is a good time to call you back via the chat! 

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