The costs to expect when renting are as follows: 

Before the start of your tenancy:

  • Holding deposit: this prevents anybody else going to view the home you want to make an offer on. It usually amounts to 1-2 weeks of the final agreed rent and will be deducted from the first rental payment.
  • Security deposit: this normally amounts to 6-8 weeks of the final agreed rent and is held by a government-backed third party. It will be returned to you provided there are no damages to the home or any breaches of the contract.

During your tenancy:

  • Rental payment: the rental payments based on the final agreed rental price, paid monthly or in advance, as agreed.
  • Bills (if they are not included in the rent) 

At the end of your tenancy:

 These change with every contract, so please check yours.

  • Checkout inventory
  • Professional clean
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