What are the documents for?

Once you have paid your holding deposit, the referencing process assures the landlord that you have the Right to Rent in the UK.

An independent (3rd party) agent will conduct a credit and person check. Based on their findings, they advise the landlord on whether you are a suitable tenant for their property.  

What documents do I need to rent?

  • Proof of identity: A scanned copy of your passport (and a valid Visa if applicable)
  • Proof of occupation/enrollment: A company contract or pay slip/university acceptance letter 
  • Proof of previous address: A utility bill or mobile phone bill showing your name and address
  • Proof of income: A bank statement or payslip that is 2.5 times the annual rental amount. If you can't provide this you won't be able to pay monthly.

I can't provide a sufficient proof of income, what can I do?

You can use a UK based guarantor who has an income that is 3 times the annual rental amount. If you choose to use a guarantor, keep in mind that this person will also have to provide all of the above documents for referencing. 

If you don't have a UK guarantor, you can also choose to pay:

  • Six months in advance 
  • A year in advance 

What happens if I don't have these documents?

Without these documents you will not be able to pass referencing with the estate agencies and therefore will not be able to rent the properties we show you. Therefore, we want to make sure you are all set to go before we pass you on to a Homie. 

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