DSS tenants won't pass referencing

Because we work exclusively with estate agents in zones 1 and, if you wish to pay your rent monthly you will not pass referencing if you are on DSS (Department of Social Services).

Referencing companies cannot rely on DSS as part of your (steady) monthly income.

Landlords and agents are weary of DSS because unlike your salary (which your employer is legally bound to pay out consistently), housing benefits are [empirically] inconsistent.  

What are my alternatives?

Show a proof of income that is 2.5x the rental amount (without DSS

Rent directly with the landlord

You can state your case to the landlord directly through websites like Purplebricks, Upad, OpenRent or Rentify.

  • You may have to pay a higher deposit 
  • You may have to provide written statements by previous landlords that you do pay your rent in time. 

Check with your local council for council houses

We're sorry we cannot help you find a home, but if you have any questions about renting in London, let us know in the chat!


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