Are bills included in the rent?

Bills are rarely included in the advertised price of a property. 

If you prefer we can keep an eye out for the homes that do have them included and send them over, but we wouldn’t want to limit your search by only focusing on those homes.

How much will my bills be?

These prices are only to give you an idea of extra charges on top of your rent:

  • Energy (gas/electricity) bill: this could be a gas and electricity or just electricity bill 
  • Water bill: payment made to Thames Water for water usage and sewage 
  • Council tax: monthly payments made to the renter’s council. Tenants must contact their council to register and sort out payments 
  • WiFi: Prices will depend on the package that you choose, but it's definitely something to keep in mind - we would budget for £20-50 / month
  • TV license: If you have a TV or watch it on demand, you'll have to pay for your TV license, which is £145 a year
  • Parking: Depending on where you end up living in London, your borough dictates the cost of off-street parking. Also keep in mind any congestion charges if you live in Central London. Budget for approx £600 / year.
  • Cleaners: If you want your home spic-and-span, you can hire local cleaners or pay for professional online services, that should be around £15-25 per hour.

Homie pro tip

By browsing around different providers you can actually save you money on your energy bills (and you'll be happy about this in the winter ❄️ ). 

Check out our partner page for deals on bills and easy set up!

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