Renting in London with a pet

London landlords don't love pets in their rentals, so renting with a pet will be a bit harder than without. Here are some things to consider:

  • Unfortunately most listings won't specify the property as pet friendly.
  • Landlords might be more open depending on the pet you have. Small animals are easier to accommodate for, whereas big dogs in particular might be a bit trickier to place.
  • Your security deposit might be a higher. Some landlords ask for full 8 weeks deposit instead of 6 weeks, to cover any damage the pet might do.

How we find pet friendly rentals

  1. Let us know straight away that you have a pet! We can give you better advice if we know all your circumstances.
  2. Tell us a mini bio for your pet: kind of animal, age, training. Anything that helps us sell the idea to the agent - we've even seen dog CVs including pictures!
  3. We won't know if the properties are pet friendly until we book you a tour. To avoid disappointment, select as many properties as you can from your profile.
  4. Your homie will call all estate agents and only book viewings that accept pets.

We're sorry we can't guarantee that all properties will be pet friendly - it is up to the landlord to decide. We will make sure we try our best to find your multi-species family a rented home!

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